Don't Tell Me to Drink Water

This is not your average post about acne. It's not for acne sufferers looking for the magical regimen to help clear their face. It's not about how I overcame cystic acne and achieved flawless skin, because I have yet to do so. I did not wait until I had clear skin to write this post, in fact I am still in them midst of my acne battle. This post is for those lucky enough to have clear skin and may know or see someone who is suffering from acne like myself. This is my advice to you...

Do not tell me to drink water.

There seems to be this common misconception that the cure for acne is water and if you have acne you must not drink enough of it. This is ignorant. Yes water is great, everyone should drink water. But water is not the magical remedy to all of our acne problems. Yes Susan, maybe drinking a gallon of water may help calm down your one devastating pimple popping up on your chin. But for those of us who suffer from cystic acne, genetics and hormones are the culprit.

Iv'e always had problems with acne since I was a teenager. No topical solution or oral medication my dermatologist gave me helped to completely clear up my skin. No amount of water, not cutting out soda literally nothing helped. Acne was just something I had to live with walking down the cruel hallways of Kenmoor Middle School. Seriously, I was lucky I had good self esteem because teenagers are mean ya'll. Anyway, not until I got on birth control in college did my face finally clear all the way up, there's those hormones coming into play.

So how did my face end up like the picture in this post at the age of 24?

Lex - Birth Control = Pregnant with crazy hormonal acne

Every month of my pregnancy my acne got worse. In the picture above I was 7 months pregnant at the time and I don't know where that confidence I had in middle school went because my self esteem plummeted during the time a woman should feel most beautiful.I tried every medicine pregnancy-safe but again nothing worked it was just something i had to go through during those 9 months. Finally as soon as I had my son my hormones began to normalize and with the help of a consistent regimen my face began to clear up. However, during the time my acne was at its worst I was very irritated by what everyone had to say about it so here's a quick list of things you should not say to acne sufferers, especially pregnant ones.

1. "Drink water" - As if now would be the time for me to walk around dehydrated.

2. "Go vegan" - Ma'am, me and this baby are going to eat these chick-fil-a nuggets, hold my polynesian sauce so i can grab my strawberry milkshake.

3. "What's going on with your face?" - !@#@$%^ :)

4. Unsolicited advice - Multiple women, complete and total strangers, came up to me during my pregnancy with unsolicited advice and they got the worst part of me.

5. "Your face is looking better today" - So how did it look yesterday?

I say all this to say, for many of us acne is an insecurity unlike most insecurities that you can hide because we wear it on our faces, literally. Just like any other condition a person may have, think before you talk or write something to point it out.

To those currently suffering from acne,

Keep your head up boo thangs you're beautiful just the way you are.


Me today. Confident, acne and all.

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