Sis it or Miss it?

I don't know about you but i've noticed an increase in women looking out for eachother and I love it. You've seen the "Hey sis" greetings, and "yasss sis" compliments and I feel like it truly promotes unity amongst a group (black women) that tends to have a stereotype of not getting along with eachother very well. But what are the expectations of this "sisterhood"? How much is one expected to look out for their "sis" whom they may not actually know outside of social media? And more specifically if you had information that can potentially save sis from a hurtful situation, should you feel entitled to tell her?

Yes, I am referring to telling sis about her man. For instance, if you dated a man and you know that sis cannot possibly have a clue of the horrible things this man has done or is doing, should you tell her? I'm not talking about "coming to her as a woman" or "girl he cheated on me so he probably is going to cheat on you" that is not always the case and more importantly nobody wants to hear that. I'm talking about things that can effect sis' life.

For example:

-He's hiding a wife

-He has children he does not take care of

-He has a disease

-He has a child on the way

-He is abusive

If this was your actually sister of course knowing this information you would tell her to potentially save her from entering a horrible situation. But is it right, or even okay for you to bring this information to a complete stranger? If you were confronted with this information would you honestly be open to hear it or would you assume anyone from his past could'nt possibly have your best interest in mind?

Let me know in the comments, if you would want a stranger to tell you this information write "sis me" or if you can do without the information from her and would like to find out everything on your own write "miss me".

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