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Lex Marie (b. 1992: Prince Georges County, MD) is a multidisciplinary artist who creates paintings, sculptures and installations that reflect her individual experiences yet encompasses the experiences of many in the African diaspora. Marie’s artistic practice is as an exploration of the weighty realities experienced by many African American children and children of color. Her work is a testament to the profound impact of adultification biases, food insecurity, and the systemic challenges

entrenched in American school systems, healthcare systems, in the home and out in the world. Through a fusion of everyday materials, often reclaimed and repurposed, Marie offers a tangible manifestation of the intangible struggles faced by these young minds, compelling viewers to confront the profound significance inherent in the seemingly ordinary.


Marie holds a BA in studio art with a concentration in painting from the University of Maryland, College Park. Marie’s most recent solo exhibition "LetThem Kids Be Kids" opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington (2022). Marie’s work has been curated into group exhibitions including REVISIT/REIMAGINE (Banneker-Douglas Museum, 2024), In Tender Peaks, Grace Unfolds (Mitochondria Gallery, 2024), A Color Story (Cierra Britton Gallery, 2024), and Stories From My Childhood (Northern Illinois University Art Museum, 2022). Marie received the Washingtinton Studio Award from S&R Evermay in 2023 and currently works in Washington, DC. 

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