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Lex Marie’s (b. 1992: Prince Georges County, MD) nostalgic portrait paintings are an unedited biography of her own life. Pulling from both past and present experiences, Marie combines portraiture with found objects, often with sentimental value to her, and embeds those objects into her work. Using her grade school report cards, her sons costumes that he has grown out of, bronzed baby shoes and more, she leaves a physical piece of her story in every painting or sculpture. 



Influenced by classical portraiture, Lex emphasizes her subjects, often being herself or her son, by placing them front and center minimizing the initial impact of the smaller yet very important background details. The poses are soft yet stoic, the colors strong and vibrant, she captures a split second of a scene forcing ambiguity as to what that subject may currently be enduring a few moments before or after. She hints at answers to these questions in her provocative titles such as “At His Daddy's House” or "Easter Morning Cartoons”.


Marie holds a BA in studio art with a concentration in painting from the University of Maryland, College Park. Marie’s first solo exhibition Remember? Remember. opened in two separate locations in Washington, DC through Arena Social Arts Club (2021). Marie’s work has been curated into group exhibitions including Rooted in Voyage (Band of Vices, Los Angeles, CA, 2022); We Can’t Predict Tomorrow (Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, VA, 2021); FRESH START by McCall Art Advisory (online, 2021); Women in the Arts on, curated by Latela Curatorial (2020), and a virtual art fair curated by Monochrome Collective in 2020. Marie received the Alma Thomas Scholarship from Washington Studio School in 2019. She lives and works in the metropolitan DC area.